The success of Innovation House, founded by a Finnish female entrepreneur duo, continues, now with reinforced board to support growth and internationalization

The success of Innovation House, founded by a Finnish female entrepreneur duo, continues, now with reinforced board to support growth and internationalization



Innovation House is developing a BusinessHome concept of the future.


The Innovation House’s Coworking & BusinessHome concept is backed by strong investors and a new board of directors. Innovation House has been profitable since the beginning of their story, with member recommendation remaining at 100% despite the vast growth. The company has more than doubled its turnover annually. “The most important thing for us is our customer satisfaction, and we offer them genuine support every day”, says CEO Petra Erätuli-Kola.


Innovation House is a new business concept combining venture capitalists, businesses and startups, and is designed to connect corporations with startups. This unique concept creates the workplace of the future, where the environment supports well-being at work, community and reinvention. The Innovation House community currently consists of more than 100 companies and 600 members in the locations in Otaniemi and Kallio in Finland as well as Singapore. Innovation House is currently preparing for a new space opening in September 2019. In a networked world, the work community is much more than just a company or a specific unit. The community is determined by the physical workspace, so that evidently the community includes many other businesses and actors than traditionally has been considered.


“It feels unbelievable that we have been able to gather the dream team both into our board and as our employees. We have managed to attract high-level international professionals from different industries who share the Innovation House values, ​​highlighting the importance of community, sales, humanity and transparency. So we are thrilled with Katja Aalto, COO and co-founder, to be able to work with them,” says Petra Erätuli-Kola, CEO and co-founder of Innovation House.


Ville Iho, President and CEO of the logistics company Nurminen, brings us immense operational know-how, forecasting skills and ability to conceptualize our services. “Innovation House stands out from its competitors with a genuinely committed community formed by the member companies. In addition to the well-executed services, small early-stage companies receive the community’s sincere support which motivates, encourages and raises the bar every day. Larger companies have the opportunity to operate in a creative and stimulating environment which is impossible to copy into a corporation. Every day, there is a ’campfire burning’ at Innovation House to which its members gather to share their knowledge, contacts and experiences. The founders have a track record of putting into practice the kind of community that people often talk about.


One of Framery’s original founders, Ilkka Kaikuvuo, is familiar with the coworking market and has successfully exported products to over 70 countries. He brings enormous experience and international know-how to the team.  “Innovation House is the ideal solution for a multi functional space; people are allowed to work in different ways without forgetting relaxation and communality. The co-working phenomenon is global and is constantly growing. In order to stand out, diverse and versatile working areas must be able to serve the worker correctly: the space must be flexible for confidential discussions and high-quality encounters. Innovation House’ humane and community-building touch is right in the spirit of time – privacy is always available when desired, and the community support is within reach even when it is physically hundreds or thousands of miles away, ”says Ilkka Kaikuvuo.


The rise of WeWork and other global players shows the co-working phenomenon is here to stay. A traditional one-company core office is no longer a predominant norm. Competition between new players is tough and something original and unique is needed to differentiate. Innovation House has its own angle to this global phenomenon; an empathic community combined with versatile office space, is a positive difference from the traditional coworking culture of ’free beer at 4pm’.


Our big idol, Risto Lähdesmäki from Silicon Valley has joined our Board of Advisors. The tremendous enthusiasm and know-how that Risto has, will challenge us to improve and with his experience we can also avoid some pitfalls on the way. “Innovation House’s positive energy and passion for developing their unique concept led me to join in to build on this international growth story. For long I have been thinking of ways in which networks can be better utilized and help investors and growth companies in concrete ways in everyday life, “says Idean founder Risto Lähdesmäki. Innovation House provides a great platform for developing these ideas into a success concept.


Mika Sulin will continue as Chairman of the Board of Innovation House and innovation expert Sari Kola as a Board member.


The board certainly now has the skillset and experience needed to grow and make our vision into reality, Erätuli-Kola concludes. This is an excellent opportunity for Innovation House and we are ready for it. As the way we work changes, more and more people work in non-traditional places and at unconventional hours. However, the need for a work community does not disappear, and this is what Innovation House offers to its members in Finland and around the world.


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CEO Petra Erätuli-Kola, +358 400 415946, petra@ihf.fi


www.ihf.fi, info@ihf.fi and +358 400 212869


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Ville Iho joins Innovation House as Board Member and Shareholder

Ville Iho joins Innovation House as Board Member and Shareholder

There is a great consensus around the notion that the working life and the way we contribute professionally is about to change. We all throw around buzzwords like AI, IoT, blockchain and process automation and agree that they will have a profound impact on our careers and the way we work together.

There are endless opportunities in the new digital age, but certainly unsolved challenges as well. Some challenges are simply due to the fact that the emerging combinations of employees, technology, consumers, rules and assets are simply new and we haven’t yet figured out how to create value with them in a sustainable way. With adequate rate of trial and error, this will be overcome swiftly. The harder challenges stem from the fact that whilst the working environment is changing, human beings not so much. Human adaptation takes time and this is why the promises of us being fast forwarded into some kind of a brave new world always fall short.

The human race is old, and during its existence it has slowly developed ways to survive. This toolkit is bolted in our brains and manifests itself in multiple ways. We cannot overnight, and not even over generation change what’s fulfilling for us, what drives us, what makes us feel safe or unsafe. New tools help us and we love our gadgets, but they are not the recipe for deeper fulfillment, we still need our social fabric and human tender, love and care. We need our structures and a campfire where we can share our stories and achievements.

A typical corporate or public organization, where the purpose is to create value in a highly organized way, is with all its flaws a great structure for social fulfillment. You have your colleagues, you have a joint purpose, you have prospects of progression and better days, you have recognition and reward as well as shared struggles and fear. You also have predictability and safety. Joint experiences, wins and losses alike, create stories and legends which give meaning for what we do.

If this structure gets revolutionized, something else will have to replace the community it creates. But what is it? Every operator in the society is trying to tackle these questions the best they can; government, corporates, entrepreneurs, employees, schools.  There is definitely not a shortage of talk but is there walking the walk also, practical success stories? Here and there yes, but also an enormous demand to be filled by someone who gets it.

I just started as a board member at Innovation House Finland, a company that offers a coworking platform for corporates and startups. This doesn’t sound very unique, but as with all the ideas, only the implementation will dictate the success or failure. My due diligence into whether there’s something unique in what the entrepreneurs Petra and Katja have created, took maybe an hour. It’s evident that they get the social aspect. They are skilled organizers, work like ants but at the same time radiate benevolence and support. There’s no hero mentality or hawkish VC flavor in the hallways, drive for sure but with a twist.  This is the modern campfire where stories get told and bonds forged.

These entrepreneurs have already achieved a lot. Customers love to work with the company, the first overseas location, Singapore gets opened within couple of weeks and new opportunities keep piling up. As with any growth company, the opportunities and enthusiasm need to be translated into sound business at some point. Even with this IHF is surprisingly far, the byproduct of their emotional success will undoubtedly be a financial success story. But it’s a byproduct. These people genuinely want to see their community members succeed. And that kind of inner drive is impossible to fake and very difficult to copy. Happy to chip in and sit in the front row as a great story unfolds.

– Ville Iho