A unique business home concept with everything you could ask for: 

Incredible facilities, a supportive community and a network of industry leaders and innovators.
We measure our success by the success of our community members. Innovation House business homes are located in Finland and Singapore.

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150/month + VAT
  • Includes Membership
  • Co-working space with benefits
  • Super good coffee and tea
  • Free WLAN
  • Free use of meeting rooms


650/month + VAT
  • Includes Membership for two persons
  • Your own team room
  • Free use of meeting rooms
  • Super good coffee and tea
  • Free WLAN
  • Additional Memberships for room 100€ + VAT


  • Includes Elite Membership
  • Full Access To Everything

” Great co-working community, modern facilities and valuable networks “

I have a start-up business with an another self-entrepreneur. A few months ago we really needed co-working place where we could build up our new concept together. Before that we had co-worked in cafes and libraries. By joining Innovation House Finland we got more structure for our business planning and we have taken huge steps since then. The premises are modern with nice interior design and the meeting facilities are just great. Meeting rooms are usually available. The environment is very welcoming and friendly, it’s always easy to come and connect with new people. In addition to great office space, another reason to join IHF was their valuable partnerships and network and the way they open doors between startups and corporates. We have already gained advantages from this, from the first moments we joined the community.

Aino Pennanen

“Hearty coworking community combining startups and corporations”

Innovation House is truly a special coworking space with an unique hearty atmosphere, thanks to the wonderful and active staff of Innovation House Finland. The catch is the opprunity to combine startups and corporations in one space and, thus, creating new business opportunities for its memebers. As a startup you are able to get support for your business, such as healthcare, legal services, insurances, and financial services, under one roof. As a corporation member, like us at Boco IP helping startups with IPR matters, we have the oppurtunity to dive into the startup world and create new business with growing companies.

Milja Saarimaa

“There is co-working spaces – and then there is THE co-working space – IHF!”

I joined Innovation House Finland a bit over a year ago – first with hotdesk and now with our own “office”. All the basics have always worked perfectly and the design is the coolest, but there is something that no other co-working space has – the feeling the Innovation House team has created is something spectacular. You feel that you really are part of the community or more like the big family. And as a small business it’s cool to find help and support nearby from all the members. I have found my business home :). I can truly recommend.

Pia Virtanen

“Best decision ever”

We are an Estonia based eSport company and we decided to take a hot desk from Innovation house Finland. And that decision has shown to be like winning the lottery. Not only a super friendly place to spend the work day and meetings but more importantly the contacts made inside innovation house company’s have boosted our business 300%. Could’n be happier with the choice. Every day visiting the office makes me just smile even the day would be one of the worst days of the week. Everyone is very supporting and the staff makes you feel like part a of the family.

Luis Gonzales

“Should you want to grow your business, this is the place to be!”

Innovation House Finland has helped our small company tremendously by providing not only the space to work but more importantly the very valuable community that supports each other every step of the way. I have run companies in number of premises but Innovation House Finland goes definitely beyond the premise what comes to the holistic set of services and collateral community feeling, it has somehow managed to create the atmosphere where small companies work together as one! Not only the premises are unique but also everyone seems to share the same values of selling, sharing and helping each other! Should you base your business into these values too, this is the place to be.

Saila Laitinen